10 months -
1.5 years

"A space to grow their mobility, concentration and curiosity with Montessori materials"

Our infant area has been carefully prepared for their natural development and it is a place where babies can grow their mobility, concentration, and curiosity discovering engaging Montessori materials. They have space to practice crawling and standing up, besides working on fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, gross motor development, communication, critical thinking, self-care, sensorial learning, and for social interaction.

All of our material in the children’s work area is Montessori certified, authentic, sustainably forest wood, non-toxic inks, and certified for our children, including infants. We offer a Montessori program in the sense that as the child feels ready and develops, she or he will choose in curiosity and exploration to work with a certain material, which promotes his cognitive development. Observing what a child is most attracted to and comfortable with is a key part of understanding how to adapt play to suit all the children in the setting and be truly inclusive.

“It’s not flashcards or fancy apps that build a healthy brain. It’s everyday back and forth interactions with loving supporting adults. Social interaction is brain food for the child’s healthy development.”~ Matthew Melmed, Executive Director Zero to Three Organization, Washington DC, USA.