Our team

Our team is what makes our Children’s House so special. Each and every member of our team is highly valued and a very important team player. We pride ourselves on continuing to foster our professional development. We aim to keep a positive attitude and willingness to learn alongside families of all children.

“I believe there is no better method than Montessori for making children sensitive to the beauties of the world and awakening their curiosity.” ~ Gabriel García Márquez.

Jennifer Lynn

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A mother of a little girl and an Early Childhood Educator from Gowrie Victoria Open University, and specialized in Montessori Methodology, gaining her 0-3 credential from the American Montessori Society.

She has completed the Basic Needs of Children 0-3 in Montessori Pedagogy, in extensive course with AMI trainer Karin Slabaugh and a Tummy Time certified by Pathways Organization, trainer PT Mary Weck. Jennifer holds a B.A. Economics cum Laude with High Honors from Florida Atlantic University, Florida, USA.

She is passionate about encouraging children to imagine, explore, discover and create.

She believes in giving children security, support and respect. She is committed to continue now and in the future studying and learning, always focusing on caring for diverse children in the early years.

Prior to launching Magnolia’s project, Jennifer worked at Las Dominicas and at the English School of Asturias, where she gained valuable experience in being part of the essential foundation a good school setting can offer to children and the community. At the Fundación Cultural de Siero, she developed & ran an English Montessori program for 3 years creating an environment where children were collaborating with each other and with an amazing relationship with parents. At Angólpalanta Óvoda Montessori School, in Hungary, worked with children in the early years, creating an enriching experience alongside director Helen Szabó and Montessori directress Mónika Sári.

In her free time, Jennifer practices yoga and swims regularly, enjoys going on mountain trails with her husband and daughter, keeps in touch with good friends, and indulges in reading (paper) books.

Mónica Herance

Mónica was born in Madrid and has always known that her passion was teaching. She trained as a Technical Specialist in the 0-3 years stage and as an Early Childhood Educator (3-6 years) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

She has been teaching for almost twenty years between the first and second cycle of kindergarten. She has dedicated the last seven years to being an AMI Montessori guide, a specialty in which she trained with Guadalupe Borbolla at the IMMAC Institute, after observing and sensing the great potential that children have.

Enthusiastic about education, emotional care for the human being and aware of the need that many families have in the educational and emotional journey in raising their children, she is currently training as a Systemic Pedagogue, whose objective is to combine this view with the academic field and contribute to the affective well-being of the human soul.

From the whole journey as a guide, Monica highlights the good fortune of having accompanied the same group of students for three continuous years, being able to see the potential of Montessori materials and the magic they create in the whole educational framework and the teaching-learning process from a place that is absolutely respectful for children.

monica herance

Monica has full confidence in the potential of children. She believes that another type of quality education is possible. She works so that the Montessori method spreads and reaches the greatest number of children and that everyone benefits from the pleasure of learning and the pleasure of going to school to enjoy. She feels that all children deserve to be accompanied and guided in their maturation and educational process based on trust and respect for their own individual characteristics.

After her workday, Monica likes to listen to the silence, go to the gym, do yoga, meet with friends to chat and have some tapas and a nice cider, walk in nature, go to bed early and meditate before starting a new day.

Soledad Simmermacher

Her professional career includes a degree in Psychopedagogy from Universidad del Salvador, Argentina, where she was born and concluded her training to be an Assistant in the infant stage – Casa De Niños – by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). She is currently taking the course for AMI Guide for the 3 – 6 with Fundación Argentina María Montessori.

Her interest and enthusiasm for Montessori pedagogy has led her to also study “Montessori For Dementia and Ageing”.

Prior to her arrival at La Magnolia Montessori, she worked at the Buenos Aires Montessori School where she gained significant experience in observation. Previously, she played a role as a facilitator responsible for “Jardines de Infancia rodantes” accompanying mixed groups of 1 – 6 year olds. Before that, Soledad worked for 3 years as a tutor for pre-adolescents with special needs and disabilities in the organizations “Aprendizaje Sobre Ruedas” and “Equipo Adip”.


Soledad has acquired a sensitive perspective on the needs of children, added to her natural patience, warmth and caring manner.

Her fond childhood memories keep her close to her family and friends in South America. In her spare time, Soledad goes for walks with her husband, enjoys preparing delicious sushi, and spends time swimming.


Silke la magnolia staff
She holds a degree in Interior Design from the Raumausstattung Teichgräber and School of Economics in Freital, Germany. The passion and a deep dedication to children was born in her first experience working with children as an Au Pair in the United States. Having the desire to dedicate herself professionally to accompanying children in their growth, she decided to study an complete studies in Early Childhood Education at the Solc Nou School in Barcelona in 2006.
She came to realize she needed to do much more than the work in traditional schools, where there can be physical and emotional limitations in her opinion. With this, in 2010 she created an educational project of her own: a “Casa Madre de Día” setting in the town of Premià de Dalt. Through commitment and love she gathered a group of families and felt that her work was highly valued during the 12 years the project lasted.
Silke accompanies childhood with a respectful outlook, following the rhythm of each child, the child’s family situation, her own character and evolutionary moment. Contact with nature is essential in her work and in her personal life. “It is amazing to see and experience nature accompanied with children, to look at the little wonders each day offers us,” says Silke. She conveys respect for creatures, big and small, animals and plants; she understands the need to experiment with nature, allowing for fun and getting dirty!
In her professional career, she has coordinated playgroups in the 0 to 12 years old age group, organizing activities in nature with bilingual groups, teaching her German mother-tongue in a natural and spontaneous way through games, songs and stories.
Mother of a 9-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy, whom both raised in her casa madre de día. Silke is inspired by learning about wild plants and their medicinal uses, enjoys making bread and jams, and uses her creativity in crafting materials with wool, cloth and wood. She likes to travel, to be adventurous, and have time with good company and good food.