"This is our room for resting & sensory discovery"

We created this ‘safe den’ area to bring rest or even help reduce emotional stress or insecurity if it arises.  Designed as a quiet space where a child can retreat to if all gets too much. It offers a cozy environment with low lighting. Children feel drawn to this room to wind down or discover with their senses. The child will know that this is where they can go and they lead themselves on when they feel ready to come out.   The bed is the most important tool we can provide for the infant and later the growing child. The low floor bed allows the infant to leave the bed without aid as soon as he/she is able. This creates an active psychological attitude and empowers the child. This bed allows for movement such as slithering, crawling from the first day. The more we permit the child to move the more we are supporting their optimum development.  Would you like to understand more and perhaps consider a low bed for your children? Read more here: La cama en el suelo Montessori.