Discover our Montessori Children's Home

Our time is dedicated in the Work Area, the Movement Area, the Sensorial Room, the Resting area, the Garden and in our Dining Area. Each area in the Home includes a thoughtfully prepared environment of curated Montessori materials and battery-free toys geared towards fostering the unique growth and development of your child. It is a home-like environment, where your child can feel safe, independent in his play, and learning respect towards himself and surroundings.

We aim to be an inclusive House for children with special needs and disabilities, keeping in mind that every child is different. We have a water-play table that is accessible for wheelchair. Our indoor is accessible as well as our outdoor. We will continue to make reasonable adjustments as different special needs arise in Our House.

We offer a warm environment like home, with secure attachment, independence in their work & play, and promote respect to peers and surroundings. A parent is assured that this is a safe home for their child, physical and emotionally. The child here learns to choose his work, makes his own decisions, and little by little she realizes that she can change her surroundings in a positive way.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~ Albert Einstein

We focus on what a child Can Do, and not on whether they are achieving the conventional developmental milestones. Education in the early years of life is not about racing to academics, such as math and reading. Every single child that comes to our House are given responsive caregiving and surrounded by a loving connection. They will build healthy learning habits here in anenvironment that is thoughtfully prepared to grow their love for learning, for cooperation and sharing.

“CEOs of big corporations, they need young employees that play well with others. They don’t want just smart people. They really want people that have good emotional skills, good social judgment. So we have to really attend to the development of these parts of the brain that allow us to play in the sandbox. ~ Seth Pollak, Psychology Professor Uni of Wisconsin

We enjoy the use of 600 m2 of our garden, a safe space with infinite possibilities to play in nature, go under our Balsam Fir tree, play among the trees, take care of the vegetable garden, visit our cabin in the forest, explore in the sandpit, enjoy mud parties in our kitchen station in the garden, learn with water play and enjoy Pikler-inspired movement philosophy. The children have seamless access to the outdoors all year round, while we play and learn come rain or shine.

“There is no description, no image in any book that is capable of replacing the sight of real trees, and all the life to be found around them, in a real forest.” ~ Maria Montessori

La Magnolia Children’s House is a unique early childhood experience in Asturias. Our Montessori materials and our weekly activity program have the purpose of contributing to the child’s cognitive, visual and motor development and it does not serve the purpose of entertaining or keeping a child simply busy. We model
and develop strong language skills. For example, in our daily story time, facilitators purposefully develop vocabulary skills and we play phonetic awareness games.

In our family environment we follow the Montessori methodology, which allows a personalized relationship between child and the guiding adult. The first years of life are a crucial time for a child to establish trust. The early years mixed-aged setting provides an enriching environment. The little ones have the opportunity to look up to their older peers. The older ones incorporate their knowledge, and develop empathy and collaboration towards the younger peers.

“Is this the school where you do what you like?” ‘No sir, this is the school where we like what we do.”