Our Learning Environments

Welcome to your children’s house! La Magnolia is conveniently located in the area of Cayés, just on the other side of Parque Tecnologico de Llanera. We provide a safe, caring and educational environment for the early years of life. We offer a Montessori methodology including infant sessions 0 – 9 months with a family member. Our House is directed by a native English speaker and we aim for language diversity…

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… enriched with movement activities in and outside, music, art, care for plants and fish in our work area, sensorial experiences in the garden, books and hands-on learning material.

We are an inclusive positive environment where children adapt to each other and play together. Premature babies can greatly benefit from our program. It is a welcoming environment with children with abilities and disabilities. For this we have made reasonable adjustments and will make more as different special needs arise in Our House. We know that this environment enhances the experience for All children.

Opening Hours 

Our school day is from 7:30 am to 15:30, Monday through Friday with the option of further playtime until 17:00 pm.

la magnolia Casa Nido


0-9 months

A quiet space for newborns to infant sitting up, with freedom of movement.

la magnolia montessori infantil


10 months - 1.5 years

A space to grow their mobility, concentration and curiosity with Montessori materials.

preescolar la magnolia montessori


1.5 years +

A space to work on their hand-eye coordination, gross motor development, food preparation, practical skills, self-care, and emotional intelligence. 

“Because none of us can remember our lives before we were 3 or 4, it is easy to think that there’s nothing happening in the brain. The idea that we’d think about learning as something that does not happen until you are 5 or 6 years old, just doesn’t make sense scientifically” ~ Deputy director Al Race, Center on the
Developing Child at Harvard University.

Our Montessori Children's House

Our time is dedicated in the Work Area, the Movement Area, the Sensorial room, the Resting area,the Garden and in our Dining Area. Each area in the Home includes a thoughtfully prepared environment of curated Montessori materials and battery-free toys geared towards fostering the unique growth and development of your child.


Moving Inside and Out

This is a House where children have the possibility to develop greatly their spatial awareness, especially in our movement area and in our garden. We offer plenty of safe spaces.

“One of the greatest mistakes of our day is to think of movement by itself, as something apart from the higher functions. Mental development must be connected with movement and be dependent on it”.– Montessori 1949


Jennifer Lynn

Mother of a young little girl and an Early Childhood Educator, specialized in Montessori Philosophy, passionate about encouraging children to imagine, explore, discover and create.

She believes in giving children security, support and respect. She is deeply committed to continue now and in the future studying and learning, focused on caring for children in the early years.

La-Magnolia-staff-jennifer lynn

What people say about us

Thanks to everyone for their love and support.

Indi Andrea

Guide at Anglopalánta Montessori Óvoda

“You were born to be a teacher, you make it light with your smile”.

Mª José

- Mamá de Olivia

"Gracias por tu forma de enseñarles. Es maravilloso haber tenido la oportunidad de conocerte. Espero que te vaya muy bien. No puede ser de otra manera. Eres una persona que irradia felicidad y buena persona . You really shine. Muchas gracias. Muchas muchas gracias".

Mamá de Vera

“I’m so sad to hear that you won’t be teaching here next year. I really love your enthusiasm and happiness teaching. She has learnt a lot from you so I can only say thank you so much for everything. You are the kind of teacher children will remember for life. Good luck in your new adventure! Hope we’ll meet again”.

Juan & Lola

"Thank you very much, Jennifer! You're doing an amazing job with the children.
Thank you for your sensibility, your passion, and your big heart. You are planting beautiful seeds in T. and we are really grateful. We totally agree with your vision of education”.


- Mamá de Gieven

“Has dejado el listón muy alto como profesional y a nivel personal, nos has dejado huella y un hueco para siempre en nuestros corazones. Te deseamos toda la suerte y lo mejor del mundo en Suiza y allá por donde vayas”.

Mamá de Ángel

“Muchas gracias x tu entusiasmo y dedicación hacia l@s niñ@s. Te iráa bien donde quiera que vayas".

Mamá de Mar

“Hola Jenni, soy la mamá de Mar, gracias por ser como eres. Con tu carisma y personalidad triunfaras en Suiza igual que en Asturias. Te deseo lo mejor, un beso”.


_ Mamá de S.

“Quiero felicitarte por tu maravilloso proyecto; eres una persona fantástica, que tiene una enorme vocación”. 


_ Mamá de M.

“Eres un gran ejemplo de transmisora de paz y el saber apreciar y lograr que los niños adquieran ese aprendizaje sobre la importancia de las pequeñas cosas. Asi que te doy las gracias por trabajar de esta forma, por ser como eres y por creer y querer trasmitirlo, por eso estamos aquí, en La Magnolia”.

Mamá de Mateo

“Suerte en tu nueva etapa profesional. Has dejado gran huella en los niños. Eres una gran profesional. Te echaremos de menos. Un beso muy grande de Mateo. Te esperamos a la vuelta!!! Gracias por dedicarnos tanto entusiasmo!!! Eres una gran persona. Te irá bien allá donde vayas”.


- Mamá de Inés

“Sólo me queda darte las gracias por lo bien que lo pasaron nuestros hijos en tus clases y lo mucho que aprendieron. Eres un diez como persona y como profesora y te deseo lo mejor en tu nuevo camino. Muchas gracias por todo”.

Mamá de Vera

“You’re a good teacher”.

Paula Rodríguez

Mamá de P.

“Sinceramente, nos ha encantado el lugar (los espacios tan bien pensados, adaptados a niños/as y el jardín) y sobre todo tu entusiasmo con el proyecto. Pienso que cuando alguien ama la crianza y la educación y lo demuestra como tú lo haces es que ese lugar será "casa".

“The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist.” ~ Maria Montessori  

Is this place right for your child?

 Children flourish when they feel secure and confident. When we ignore their needs we take away that foundation. We aim to encourage children to imagine, explore, and learn all within a nurturing and home-like environment.  

How do you know if this Home is right for your child? Please look up our checklist for further info on “is this daycare right for your child?” to assist in your decision-making. 


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