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Duplicado: Duplicado: Duplicado: Ejemplo – [#184] – [#2909] – [#2911]

Welcome to your children’s home! La Magnolia is conveniently located in the area of Cayés, just on the other side of Parque Tecnologico de Llanera. We provide a safe, caring and educational environment for children up to 3 years of age  We offer a Montessori program, including infant sessions 0 – 9 months with a family member. Our Home is open Monday to Friday from … to … 

Even though we are classified as a ‘guarderia’, La Magnolia Children’s Home is an unique inclusive early childhood experience in Asturias, and our Montessori materials and our weekly activity program have the purpose of contributing to the child’s cognitive, visual and motor development and it does Not serve the purpose of entertaining or keeping a child simply busy.  

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